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now shipping fedex
now shipping fedex

obey face mask

 In such a difficult time, we are faced with wanting to help those around us but are challenged with the reality of operating a commerce-based business and not being seen an opportunist. OBEY has always based its ideals on finding a balance between community and commerce and this is no exception.

 As the vast majority of people need to wear masks, there becomes a question of accessibility. Some can afford to purchase and others do not have the resources, whether through the expense or lack of accessibility. For that reason, we have chosen to pursue a model that allows us to sell masks and donate to those without access, at the same time. For every mask we sell, we will donate 2. We are looking to keep the pricing affordable and build a program that can be sustained. 

 We appreciated the support and trust you have given us over the years, and without that we are nothing. Make sure to take care of yourself and to those around you.



* These are textile, non-medical face masks, meant to help reduce the risk of contracting or spreading of infection.